Hi, I'm Katie

I am a user experience designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I create digital experiences centred on the needs of users.

My Projects

Gig Book

Gig Book is a digital scrapbook for reminiscing on all your favourite concerts by uploading photos and journal notes.


Embrace is a skincare health app to have a better understanding on how to look after your skin and what it needs.

Tour of Thrones

Tour of Thrones is promotional material used to promote a tour of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland.

Key steps in the design process

Research & Analysis
Understanding the problem, the users, and the context is crucial. This will involve gathering data, conducting surveys, interviews, and studying competitors. It can take the form as user personas, user flows and journeys.
Ideation & Conception
Brainstorming and generating ideas based on the insights gained from research. This stage often involves sketching, prototyping, and exploring various solutions. It is always good to look to see what competitors are doing well, and not so well.
Prototyping & Testing
Creating prototypes or mockups to visualise ideas and gather feedback from users. Testing helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
Iterative Design
Based on feedback and testing results, refining and iterating on the design to enhance usability, functionality, and user experience.
Evaluation & Feedback
After the product or design is launched, collecting feedback from users to assess its performance and identify opportunities for further improvement.
Continuous Improvement
Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement by learning from successes and failures, staying updated on industry trends, and incorporating new insights into future projects.

Little about me

Hi, it's Katie here, the girl behind the brand. I am based in the lovely countryside in Co. Antrim Northern Ireland and I am currently in my final year completing a BA(HONS) in Interaction Design at the Ulster University School of Art.
In my spare time you'll find me at music gigs, going for brunch, catching up with friends and drinking iced coffee!

Ever since a young age I have always been interested in design and can remember myself critiquing different packaging when I went shopping with my mum in local supermarkets. Fast forward many years and I am now designing projects of my own and paving a career in design and UX.
I am wanting to further my knowledge and skills and would love to have a job in the UX/Product design sector.

If any of my work has sparked your interest and you’d like to know more about my skills and education you can check out my CV linked below.

Check out my CV